Miguel Angel Martín, Born in León (Spain) 1960. Cartoon designer and writer.

- Script for the short film (35mm) "Snuff 2000" based on his own comicbook of the same title and directed by Borja Crespo.
- Kyrie, New european. The Play. Writen by Miguel Angel Martin and directed by Pepe Mora. Based on the comic strip of the same title.
- Drawings for iPOP (Spanish tv show on pop music)
- Illustrations for book covers, among them The Astarté collection (Martinez-Roca publisher) directed by Lucia Etxebarría. And Rey Lear publishers.
- Short animation for Canal Satellite Digital (C+) inside the projecto "Microfilmes".
- Atolladero. Comic turned into film and directed by the writer Oscaraibar.
- Poster for Jess Franco`s film "Killer Barbys".
- Pressbook for "The killing tongue" a film by Alberto Sciama.
- Poster for the Cuban film "Un paraiso bajo las estrellas" in collaboration with the famous Spanish designer Oscar Mariné.
- Toys, rubber dolls, carpets, t-shirts, keyrings, mugs, pins, shower courtains, etc for the company CHA-CHA.
- Calendar and dildo for Italian on line company YOOX.

- Revelation author award in the International Salon of Comic (Barcelona 1992)
- Famous Yellow Kid award (Roma 1999)
- Great Award "Attilio Micheluzzi" (Napoli, Comicon, 2003)
- Best European Comic Award Romics 2006 (Rome)
- Best comic of the year award XL - La Republicca (Comicon, Napoli, 2007)

Comix: Totem - Makoki - Zona 84 - El Víbora - Subterfuge - Rock de Lux - Factory - La Crónica - Training & Development - Selen (Italy) Blue (Italy) Babel (Greece) L´Ostile (Italy) Vice (Italy) - Peatom.com

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